I'm your host & dost

Sreepriya Sridharan

"It is my dream to live in a world where circularity & peaceful coexistence is a lifestyle"

I'm on a mission to collaborate with individuals & organizations who are working towards United Nations- Sustainable Development Goals.


The early years of my professional life exposed me to the global Oil & Gas markets and it was during that time I realized that more than 80% of commodities we use today are byproducts of this industry.  This realization sparked my fascination for finding competent alternatives for O&G byproducts and also made me hungry to understand better industrial operating systems.  Armed with the knowledge from my professional experiences and my emerging research into Environmental Sustainability, I am quickly becoming a more educated-consumer, allowing me to purchase products from retailers which better align with my values.


So how else can an Aam Janata like myself consciously contribute towards climate action?  This quest for answers has led me into the space of Circular Economy. Understanding the depth and potential of circularity has filled me with passion for the discipline; however, I have quickly realized that today India has a frustrating lack of open educative forums around this topic. At that moment, the idea to start this podcast was born!


As a stereotypical, Indian, millennial, Mechanical Engineering grad, with 6+ years in the corporate world, the comforts around a well paying job did little to satisfy my hunger for climate action, it lacked a spark.  However COVID-19 pandemic had a silver-lining in allowing me the time to contemplate on if not the corporate world, then what?  After much consideration I decided to embark on this journey to bring topics impacting Environmental Sustainability to the Indian audience.  Making the jump from the well-paying corporate life, to a self-employed, but passion-filled, podcaster has been scary, but I’m committed to bringing this topic to you!


So stayed tuned as each week I bring you episodes from leading practitioners in the space of Circular Economy, as well as chats with similar novices like myself and educational mini-episodes on elements of these disciplines.